Source: The Complete Bard's Handbook Role: Bard
Charlatans are wanderers. They go from town to town, switching from one identity to another, always a step ahead of the last person they swindled. In large cities, Charlatans may be able to live out most of their lives moving from one quarter to the next. When times are tough and no great con comes to mind, Charlatans sometimes perform sleight-of-hand tricks just to get by. Charlatans also have a knack for acquiring jobs that allow them to bluff their way through each day. Charlatans can sometimes be found masquerading as priests, healers, sages, diplomats, powerful mages, and retired heroes. Characters: Ròs Ceana


Source: Player's Option: Spells and Magic Role: Priest
The crusader is a priest of a deity of war, combat, or conflict who stands at the forefront of the fight for his faith. While crusaders are often associated with war gods, they may also represent powers of leadership or strong alignment that are in conflict with opposing forces. Crusaders often organize themselves into a military hierarchy and view their temples as fortifications as well as places of worship. In some cases, the power of the crusader orders can rival the strength of the kingdom that hosts them. This is a situation that sometimes provokes popular resentment or suspicion. However, no one questions their ability and resolve in times of war. Characters: Simon Kaine


Source: The Complete Fighter's Handbook Role: Fighter
The Swashbuckler is the sophisticated, witty, lightly armed and armored hero in a sophisticated city-based campaign—a la The Three Musketeers. He's fully capable of putting on heavy armor, picking up a bastard sword, and soldiering alongside other tank warriors—but he shines in comparison when the heroes are adventuring in the city, in light armor and with light weapons. Characters: Arron Veldas

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