The World

Kingdoms of the World
The Namaran Tribes
The Nagarst Hegemony
The Kingdom of Kollias
The Kingdom of Semela
The Kingdom of Asterphalia
The Kingdom of Faralden
The Nachandi Free Cities
The Kingdom of Draziir
The Corsair Confederacy

The present day is an uneasy sort of peace. The Nagarst Hegemony has reformed its political system, but ambitious senators still reminisce about the glories of their old Empire. The Nachandi wearily regard their neighbors and attempt to preserve their culture from both the humans and the Manscorpian raids that plague the region. In the South, the Namarans grow restless with their elephant steeds while the Draziir look on greedily at the prospect of an ivory monopoly. The corsairs ply the newest Kingdom of Semela to gain mastery of the trade routes while the nobles craft mighty companies and squabble amongst themselves. Asterphalia jealously regards its borders and flirts with the idea of ending their semi-isolationism while Elven iconoclasts boil beneath the surface and seek out their fortunes in the North. The Kingdom of Kollias sends more explorers into the swampy North while eying the ambitions of its southern neighbors, and Faralden struggles to unite itself from its unsophisticated temperament and halt the expansion of the goblinoid warbands. The Dwarves look on pensively as they expand their subterranean causeways and seriously give thought to a single Dwarven nation under the hills of their allies.


Lost SorcererHadrianMageHuman 19813171410
SkitchArron VeldasSwashbucklerHuman 318/8491517817
SpoonyNiall MartingaleThiefHalfling 2151017141513
BaneSimon KaineCrusaderElf 1171117121612
QuatoriaGwahirArcherElf 1 16 12 19 16 16 7
Tropical StormRòs CeanaCharlatanHalf-Elf 114914161218
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